New Client Checklist

Welcome to Chris Webster Productions! Here are the things you need to set up as soon as possible, and, the order you should do them in:

1. Record Episode 0

This is the first important thing you need to do. Your episode 0 will be used to submit your podcast to the different podcast catalogues that we’ll be submitting to. Without it, we can’t submit.

Your episode 0 should be no more than 5-10 min long and contain:

  • Who you are

  • Why you’re podcasting

  • What the podcast is about

  • Why you’re the person to talk about this

  • How often it will be released

  • How long it will be, on average

  • DO NOT mention a release date

2. Find a place to host your podcast

Your episode files are stored on a single website that generates an RSS feed. That feed is then submitted to places like iTunes, Google, and others so people can subscribe and find your show.

You can store your podcast on your website in the “blog” area. Each episode is treated like a blog post. You can also store the podcast with a podcast hosting service. The biggest difference between the two is analytics. The hosting services will be more stable and have better analytics.

Click the image to go to Libsyn Pricing Page

Click the image to go to Libsyn Pricing Page

We recommend getting a Libsyn hosting plan. You only need what you need on Libsyn, so, look at the plan options. They are mostly based on uploads per month. Podcasts are about 1 MB per minute of audio. So, a typical 45 min podcast will be about 45-50 MB. You can always change your plan later.

Make sure you give your producer at CWP the username (email address) and password for the account so we can post for you.

3. Create an icon

You’ll need a podcast icon. Make it something distinct but not cluttered. It needs to be visible on very small platforms like lists on your phone, smart watches, etc. Also, if you’re a personality or want to be one it’s a good idea to have your image on the podcast icon. Get recognized, increase visibility for your podcast, and be visible to your audience.

Your podcast icon should meet these requirements:

  • 3000px by 3000px

  • 72 DPI

  • JPG

  • 500 KB (+/- 50)

3b. Submit Your Episode 0!

Log in to your website or your hosting service and list your episode 0. You’ll need a title (Introducing the Blah Blah Blah Podcast), a subtitle, a short description, and contact information. Once you submit the show you’ll be able to find your RSS feed on the website and use that to submit to the services in Step 4.

4. Create Listing Accounts for Podcast Submission

At Chris Webster Productions we’ll list your podcast on six different major catalogues. As new players come online we’ll submit to those too. This list will change as necessary. Before you submit your podcast make sure you have a hosting service (even if it’s your own website), an episode 0, and an icon. These are required to submit. Next, create accounts on and submit to the following websites (click the image):

5a. Production

If CWP is producing your podcast work with your producer to create calendar appointments that reflect your release schedule. We advise all clients to start their shows a few episodes ahead in case a recording needs to be missed. However, it’s up to YOU to book guests and meet your recording times. Most guests will not have a problem meeting your schedule. Make sure your recording time includes about 25% for pre- and post-recording issues. For example, if you have a 45 min show, book 60 min.

If you’re recording at the Reno Collective make sure your producer has checked with the Collective’s Podcast Studio schedule before scheduling your recordings.


If you’re self-producing or recording remotely you’ll need the following gear:

  • Computer (platform doesn’t matter)

  • Microphone

    • We recommend the ATR2100 as a great starter mic.

    • Here is a great package with link to buy on Amazon. (see below)

    • There is also a link below to just the mic.

  • Microphone Boom

  • Pop Filter - keeps your “p’s” and “t’s” from popping

  • Wind Screen

    • This is the part that touches the microphone and what you see most mics covered with. See below.

5b. Editing

Whether CWP is producing your show or not, editors at CWP should have access to your recorded files no later than seven days prior to recording, unless stated otherwise in your contract. So, use whatever method that was agreed upon to get your files to CWP within the agreed time.

6. Setup a Trello Account

Click the image to go to Trello

Click the image to go to Trello

CWP uses Trello to organize your show and notify you of progress on production and editing. Trello is a free service. Once you have an account tell your producer/editor and they will add you to the Trello board. It’s here that you’ll list your episode ideas, set up new “cards” for episodes, mark episodes as “recorded” if you’re self-producing, and upload show notes, links, pictures, and other files types that will be included with the episode show notes.

7. Keep It Going!

The reason we put your podcast on a schedule is so you can plan for it and look forward to it. The biggest reason podcasts fail is they don’t have a regular schedule and a desire to keep that schedule. The minute you skip and episode for whatever reason, the easier it is to skip the next episode. Before you know it you’re podcast is on the massive pile of pod-faded shows out there. We won’t let that happen!

If you’re not getting business, or, enjoying the recordings then it’s time to stop or shift focus. In the end, this should be FUN and we’ll do our best to do all the hard work while you bring the fun and exciting content.