Introduction to Podcasting

This course is taught in person at the Reno Collective in Reno, Nevada once a month. It's not designed to teach you how to podcast. It's designed to make you either decide to podcast, or not. Over the course of a couple hours I'll tell you what it takes to create a podcast and what you can expect out of it. This course will get you off the fence one way or another and either into a stress free life - or the life of a podcaster :)

If you can't make it to Reno, probably because you got side-tracked to Lake Tahoe and can't leave that ridiculously beautiful place, then watch the video below. It's the Intro Class, but, just the presentation so it's just under 1 hour long. You'll get all the info but without my bitting wit. I call that a win!

Podcast Consultation

One on One Consultation
from 15.00

Learn to podcast from someone that has learned how to do it the hard way! Billed in 15 min increments, you'll be able to ask Chris Webster anything about your setup, interviewing, marketing, whatever. If he doesn't know the answer then he'll help you find the answer.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Seek help and you will succeed faster. Learn from someone else's mistakes!

Meeting Length:
Let's Podcast!

Immersive In-Person Workshop in Reno, Nevada

From Idea to MP3

"From idea to MP3"

Here are some ways that podcasting can help you:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Drive traffic to your products

With this workshop, you'll go from a podcast idea to a finished, edited, MP3 file that you can listen to in the car on the way home. 

During the 7-hour class you'll:

  • Learn the basics of good podcasting
  • Start designing your logo
  • Learn how to choose your music
  • Structure the format of your show
  • Brainstorm your first 10 show ideas or topics
  • RECORD your first show using your classmates
  • EDIT your show
  • Export your show
  • Distribute to the major podcast catalogs 

That's right. In just one day you'll have your first episode with a plan to keep it going.

You'll also have access to:

  • A private SLACK team to help keep you motivated, bounce ideas off of, and keep your dream going
  • Exclusive tutorial videos so you don't have to remember EVERYTHING you learned during the class
  • Access to Chris Webster through the SLACK team and at the Reno Collective any time - he's screwed up just about all you can so learn from his mistakes!

Class Location and Prerequisites:

  • The Reno Collective: 1515 Plumas St., Reno, NV 89509
  • Class goes from 8:00am to about 5:oopm. We'll stay as long as you need, though.
  • Bring a computer and a microphone, if you have one (ATR2100 is good and not expensive). Also, download Audacity, GarageBand or some other editing software.
Start Podcasting!


Can't make it to Reno for training in person? No problem! Most podcasts are recorded remotely so this will be a great way to get started and learn how to manage a podcast.

Who Should Take This Class?

You should take this class if you're SERIOUS about podcasting. This WILL get you podcasting with a plan to continue. If you aren't ready to do that then just wait until you are.

Anyone with a brand or a business will also benefit from this class. Take your business to the next level by extablishing your brand, your message, and your business with a podcast. Direct clients and customers to your podcast for information and take some of the pressure off your phones and email.

Finally, if you're just starting out with a blog, book, or other interest a podcast is a great way to get your message out.

Class Structure

The Podcast Webinar will take place over three weeks - one, two-hour class per week each week with homework after each class.

Week 1

  • Class (2 hours)
    • Basics
      • Format, Style, Length, Theme
    • Your Podcast
      • Format (detailed), Shownotes, Artwork
    • Gear
      • Microphone, computer, software, website
    • Interviews
      • Types, technique, preping your guest, and more!
  • Homework
    • First 10
    • Music
    • Artwork
    • First Interview

Week 2

  • Class (2 hours)
    • Software and Editing
    • Mastering and Exporting
  • Homework
    • Edit your first episode
    • Export your first episode

Week 3

  • Class (2 hours)
    • Distribution
    • Schedule for Success
  • Homework
    • Submit your show to iTunes
    • Schedule your next recordings and have a release schedule


You'll need a few things before you take this class. If you wait on them you'll never get started and I don't want to waste your time. Here's the list:

  • Computer
  • Editing Software
    • Audacity
      • Free
      • Mac and PC
    • Garageband
      • Free
      • Mac
    • Logic Pro
      • $200 one time
      • Mac
    • Audition
      • $20 per month (totally worth it)
      • Mac and PC
  • Microphone
    • ATR2100
      • Great and affordable
    • Some other dynamic (not condenser) microphone
  • Passion!
    • If you don't have that, your podcast will fail before it gets started.

Podcast Master Group Slack Team

As an added benefit for taking this class you'll be added to the Slack Team for podcasters that we've set up. Don't worry, Chris will let you know what that means and how to use it. On Slack you'll be able to ask questions from fellow classmates and podcasters.

You'll also get a call from Chris prior to class to make sure you're ready. You'll have the opportunity to get a refund if you think you're not ready after that class.

Register for Class

Ready to go? Register for the class below! We'll add more dates as we go along.

Class 1802

  • Dates
    • Week 1: March 20th, 5pm to 7pm PST
    • Week 2: March 27th, 5pm to 7pm PST
    • Week 3: April 3rd, 5pm to 7pm PST

Class 1803

  • Dates
    • Week 1: April 17th, 5pm to 7pm PST
    • Week 2: April 24th, 5pm to 7pm PST
    • Week 3: May 1st, 5pm to 7pm PST
Podcast Webinar

Congratulations on deciding to podcast! Refer to the info above and choose a class date.

Refer to the podcast webinar page for class dates and times.


Podcast Production

Podcast Production and Editing
from 0.00

You provide the content - we create your show!


That's right - all you have to do is provide the content via files or come into the Studio at the Reno Collective if you're local and record there. No membership required, but, I'll have to be with you!

Here is what you'll get:

  • Audio Engineering during a live session
  • Editing of the podcast
  • Final mixing and mastering of your episode
  • Episode export into whatever file formats you need
  • Tech support on uploading to iTunes, Google, and Stitcher Radio if needed.

While we're in a recording session you'll also get advice on interviewing and vocal techniques, if desired.

So, get your message out and podcast! This is literally the last stumbling block for most people. Don't waste company time on editing and production when your people aren't trained for it. Let ArchPodNet do the production for you so you can focus on content.

Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied with the production quality of your episode I'll refund your money - no questions asked. Of course, the content is on you :)

Show length:
Let's Do This!